Expert valuation in Banking Regulations, Auditing, Internal Control, Project Management Assistance, Solution Finding, Suitability Surveys, Installation of Sab Banking Software, Revenue, Certificates of Approval, Processing, User Training and Assistance.

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Expert Valuation in Banking Regulations
Internal Reporting Deployment and Bafi Sab, Installation of Money-Laundering Controls, Drawing up of Accounting Systems, Auditing Analysis, and Vetting of Operational Accounting Methods in Conjunction with Banking Management Tools.

Project Management Assistance
Drawing-up of Terms and Conditions and Detailed Functional Specifications, Solution Seeking, Suitability Surveys, Expert valuation in Banking Regulations, BAFI, Balance of Payments, Cash Ratios, IFU, FICP, CTO, Tracfin, Accounting Systems, Credit and Debit Balance, Reconciliation, Profitability, Ratio Generation, Datawarehouse, EIC, SIT, Credits, Bad Debts, Outstanding Payments, Savings, Cash Dispensing.

Installation of Sab Banking Software
Parametrization of Ratio Generation, Accounting Systems, Specific Units and Programmes.

Project Management and Organisation
Functional Revenues, Confirmation of Data-Processing System with Back-Office Applications, Process Drafting, Definition and Installation of Entitlements, User Training and Assistance.