Recognized by standard banks and banks specialising in banking regulations and financial accounting, Finomen SAS provides services in banking information technology, assistance in project management and installation of banking software packages.

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Specialised services in banking information technology
Expert valuation in Banking Regulations, Auditing, Internal Control, Project Management Assistance, Terms and Conditions, Detailed Systems Specifications, Solution Finding, Suitability Assessments, Installation of Sab Banking Software, Revenue, Certificates of Approval, Processing, User Training and Assistance.

Solid references in the banking and financial world
On-line banks, Retail banks, Investment banks, Foreign banks, Credit institutions (more than 20 clients to date).

A unique profile in the world of computer banking
Expert valuation in Banking Regulations, BAFI, Balance of Payments, Cash Ratios, IFU, FICP, CTO, Tracfin, Accounting Systems, Credit and Debit Balance, Reconciliation, Profitability, Ratio Generation, Datawarehouse, EIC, SIT, Credits, Bad Debts, Outstanding Payments, Savings, Cash Dispensing.

A privileged contact at the intersection of computing and finance.
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